Contractor and your Warranty

Some of our products require installation by a certified professional. This is especially the case for electrical and natural gas products such as heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment, as well as plumbing products, which are not intended to be installed by the end user. If you purchased a product of this type and it is malfunctioning, our qualified technicians can review the installation process and diagnose the problem with your installer. This policy ensures that your product is installed in accordance with all applicable regulations and specifications. If an electrical or natural gas product is not installed by a certified professional, be aware that the warranty on your product will be voided.

In many cases, our flooring products do not require to be installed by a professional. However, depending on the complexity of the installation, we may recommend that you hire a certified contractor.

If you are unsure whether or not your product requires installation by a certified professional, simply contact us to verify.